The Constellations and their Greek Myths tell the Story of the Path of Initiation.

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A mandala is a sacred, circular design composed of symbols that convey a universal meaning.  I have discovered that the constellations in the night sky form a giant mandala, the work of unknown people in ancient times.  In this mandala, the constellations are symbolic images and the Greek myths associated with them, a symbolic language.  In pondering the constellations, I found a key left to us by the ancient designers that is used to unlock the meaning within the mandala in the heavens.


The “book in the stars”

Greek ColumnsWith the help of this key, 36 of the constellations known to the ancient world, and the Greek myths associated with them, are placed into a specific sequence.   When read in this order, the constellations and the symbolic language of the star myths form what I call the “book in the stars.” This “book” tells the story of a process of spiritual growth and development called the Path of Initiation.

As shown in the Greek star myths, the Path is a synthesis of the religious, philosophic and metaphysical teachings in the world.  It is my opinion that people in ancient times, in order to preserve the teaching on the Path, encoded it in the heavens in the symbolic language of the star myths. By doing so, they gave it the widest possible exposure even as they obscured its inner meaning to those unready for it.  Today, because of the mental growth of the human family, the tools and techniques for treading the Path are available in classes and books.  The book in the stars however is unique in that it gives a picture of the initiatory process from beginning to end—a panoramic view not found in the literature of today.


Mandala in the Heavens

As shown in the book in the stars and expanded in Mandala in the Heavens, the Path of Initiation is about spiritual transformation and a developing creativity to be used for the betterment of Humanity.  Some of the aspects of the Path introduced and explored are:  five major initiations, meditation, emotional and mental transformation, the etheric body and the seven chakras, the aura surrounding the physical body and much more. Along the way, some of the newer concepts and techniques used today in the teaching of the Path, such as group consciousness and group initiation, are  also introduced.

Mandala in the Heavens is part detective story and part Greek mythology with the main focus being on spirituality.  In Mandala in the Heavens’ exploration of the book in the stars, I show how three keys left by the ancient designers are used to place the 36 constellations into the proper sequence to tell the story of the Path.  Each constellation is then illustrated with a picture taken from various antique star maps showing it as a mythological figure and paired with the appropriate Greek star myth associated with it.  Like a pack of picture cards from Greek mythology, these 36 then form the book in the stars with the symbolic language of the star myths as its text.  After interpreting the symbols used in each myth, I give a commentary on that stage of the Path.  The reader will need no previous knowledge of the constellations or the Path, only an appreciation of Greek myth and symbolism and an interest in spiritual things.  


When people hear the word initiation they usually think in terms of a ceremony or ritual or perhaps a badge of office, a recognition of achievement or some such idea.  Initiation, as used here, is a penetration into new states of awareness and their subsequent expression in life.  Initiation can be both into the material as well as the spiritual world; therefore, there are many initiations into various states of awareness. In reference to the Path of Initiation it signifies spiritual initiation into the world of the Soul.  

Another word for “soul” is “consciousness” or the “state of being aware.”  Imagine your conscious awareness limited by the world in which you live, focused upon day-to-day activities.  Then imagine a greater, universal consciousness from a higher level of awareness that is also you.  Both are “soul”; one, a limited consciousness or “human soul”; the other, an inclusive and far-reaching consciousness or “Spiritual Soul.”  The process that is called the Path of Initiation gradually expands the human consciousness to encompass the Divine consciousness within.   The Path of Initiation then is the journey of the Spiritual Soul to become at-one with its human counterpart in the world and our journey to grow into the Inner Reality we truly are.

The following pages are best read in sequence.



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    This looks absolutely inspired. I can hardly wait to have a copy of the book. There are so many other people I can think of already who would no doubt love to read it also.

    What nice work! Thanks so much for having pursued it as you’ve done. As you said, it looks like it makes the Wisdom accessible, in a way I’ve never seen before.

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